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Learning is cool

2008-05-27 06:42:53 by therookie

Been working witha mysql database connection to php for the last week to hand in for a project at school. Its been .. interesting at least, had to search for the information and experiment instead of having a teacher to help me out. The result ? well a "working" tournament handler.
Been wanting to learn php and mysql databases for a while and this class made me do it.
anyhoo whats done is in the past.

Next goal: Interpretator
For you non coders thats the step before a full compilation. When you writer something in c++ for instance you compile it and get a machine code. but with a interpretator you get the step before machine code. like java its easy to change in the fly but in the end its not as fast as a machine code program
but it has its uses for script language

anyhoo: to update about my animation project,
Been resketching the scenes and gotten a co voice actor, so things are finaly starting to happen.
Thinking of just keeping the information to need to know basis since well i think i might ruin the joike otherwise ^^ can at least post the first scene sketch next week
Need to find the scanner again ... where the hell did i put that ?
anyhoo to summerizethis madness: learning = good, sketches = started and im back


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2008-05-27 16:00:37

good to have you onboard newgrounds!

wish i knew something about programming but I think I'm hopeless in that respect.

therookie responds:

Good to be back ^^ been a long two years since i sat a foot here last time. Going to change from now on. Ill be super duper coder/ Animator till i drop from stressed induced Stomache pain ^^

Anyhoo thanks for the comment


2008-05-29 06:54:57

tja AP newbie. skön sång! :D

therookie responds:

AHHA another swede :P and a moderator as well. "Tackar för commentaren"