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Tomkuma: Birth Tomkuma: Birth

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Interesting indead, personaly im abit tired of the Goku powerup trend
but the quality was ok, i think you can grow alot if you keep practicin and animating
BTW the Kanji on his Bask is suposed to be Heaven(TEN) right bit illogical when he comes off as .. well quite evil

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DrFishSticks responds:

yeah I read somewhere that's what it meant, I was like.. whaaat... but it looks so cool!
and this was an old flash (long thought lost, but finally found), my latest is Prelude to Chaos if you wanna see some newer work :)

Stickman Rumble Stickman Rumble

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good for a first flash

I see potentional in your skill, youll just have to keep practicing.
evaluation, the animation can be improved and the fght setup as well
and mayeb music choise and sound. not much you can say in a stick movie really ^^
Gl with your next project

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blood and gutz blood and gutz

Rated 2 / 5 stars

interesting but ..

Well its didnt have "IT" it lacked sence, some of the details were ok and some of the sounds but, other details were lacking like actual rates of fire and that the entire movie was like a platfrom game. Try and focus more on the story next time and maybe something thats a bit more "non linear"

other then that great progress

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The Fox The Fox

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Smooth aniimation, allthough bit repetive sometimes.
The overall quality is good and you managed to capture the song great
looking forward to more of your works

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Pico vs. Convict Pico vs. Convict

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was breath taking

I loooved everysingle thing in this one, you really put a effort in this. great work. May i ask what program you used for the backgrounds and what tool you drew everything with ?

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Luis responds:

most of the movie is done with the pencil at 2pt thickness. Backgrounds are done in photoshop.

The Av3nger The Av3nger

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This my friend is not good

This animation is just a mixture of things from Naruto, (Naruto wich is a resent hit in the US not in the world cause well its started a couple of years ago... about 181 weeks ago) I mean as many have stated the character is obviusly based on sauske, and you just ripped some characters of from here and there, i mean the mother scene is actually one scene wich you proboly traced an movie clip cause that scene happens in the series in one of sauskes flashbacks, and the whole lake scene also happens in the Naruto except you replaced sauskes father with the Hero (the fisherman from episode 20 ish were they get hear about that villages hero) and the death scene .. sigh .. also copyed from Naruto. basicly you have here tryed to copy an story and just change it minimalistic, to pass it as your "own"for that i cannot give you much score .. but i have to complement you on your graphics although the kitchen scene is traced alot of it is actually good. but graphics only takes you so far, Try and think of another story and work on that .. this is to much Naruto for me to watch.
Goog luck on your next one

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Captain Jack! Captain Jack!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This wasent good

I didnt like this, and what is a "animutation"?
Try and do your own animations instead of picking random gifs adn putting them together the only thing that had some relevance towards the song was the image of captain Jack "sparrow" ? from pirates of the carabian

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heartless-mushroom responds:

well if you think this is not bad, I accept your opinion, search animutations in newgrounds searcher to understand this more

iLLegal hahahah get it??! iLLegal hahahah get it??!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

tired ... so tired of this shit now

Please for love of god stop submiting these fucking "animations"
stop whining about wade/tom that they are the ones putting up the animations on the front page, as ive got it the front page is mainly controlled by the views, and in a small part controlled by the fulp brothers

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Foamy, The Making of Foamy, The Making of

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Im sorry but i didnt like this

I am no fan of clock, glock, lock movies .. sure there are some gems out there but they are rare, and this one .. well it didnt cut it in my book sure it was nice with lip sync and all and you proved a point. but talking about the score and comparing about it ? well it might be because alot of the people here vote high on clock movies adn things like that, and most voters for this movie probaly voted high because to demonstrate. I find this alittle bit .. hypocrit ? english isnt my first language mind that, i mean the clock crew used to spit out alot of crappy flash that wasent nearly as nice as illwillpress(in Bg wise) if its so easey as you say i mean. I am in no means defending the last movie because i think it was quite lazy myself, but all this hate towards him and Legendary frog and knox its so childish. I know you didnt bring them up here, im just saying why are you so bothered by another ones succes ? even if its mostly motion tweening? I think you should mind your own buisness and stop hating. You got potentional that i could see in the can-ish clock, dont waste it

Love & Peace

ohh by the way im not a "Foamie"

TremcladClock responds:

You clearly don't understand the message behind this movie, Illwillpress DOESN'T put any effort into his movies, his backgrounds are all traced images and his characters can easily be drawn in two seconds using the brush tool and smoothing. If you think bashing illwillpress is wrong, then you're not very clever, he's a sellout, he's a racist, and he doesn't care what the newgrounds populus thinks of his animation.

Anomaly Anomaly

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good one..

It was good.. well still not that good. I like your style and all but you lack the smoothnes in the movements and the animation, somewhat made me think of UFO: enemy unknown you know ? the first X-Com game, anyway i am looking foreward towards you newer submissions

ohh top the reviewer before Drauka
i think you meant The Thing A bunch of american scientist discover something and well yeah like that ..

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