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2008-06-02 11:19:59 by therookie

Well I finaly noticed that i have actually managed to get to the front page :P
Thanks for whoever put me there ^^
Been getting alot of more confidence now.
Hopefully ill end up on the front page with my animations one day as well, not that im not thankefull now its an honor imo to be mentioned or portrayed on the fp, also its alot of publicity ^^ meaning alot more people can start watching my stuff and maybe add me to theyr favorits.
just hopes my next song and animation will live up to the "high" standard ive set for myselfe ^^
anyhoo nothing more to write just that im happy as a bunny


I guess this is a Blogg..

2008-06-01 13:59:49 by therookie

Well i guess that this is what people refer to as "blogging" and i think i can enjoy this to a certain level.
I mean who dosnt like to be ego and just talk about whatever they like ? ohh well back to the fun part

Been studying for final exams wich is starting this thursday till next wednsday. tough biscuit im sure of it, but once thats done im getting back on the horse with a c++ Project and my fifth animation hopefully ill be able to release the animatoin within July or maybe even June who knows, depends on how much time i get on my hands and how drunk i am after the final exam .. dont think they mind if i bring a bottle of Gin to campus..
anyhoo excpect some more information about my projects after the 11th of june.
Its going to be blargh tastic

Learning is cool

2008-05-27 06:42:53 by therookie

Been working witha mysql database connection to php for the last week to hand in for a project at school. Its been .. interesting at least, had to search for the information and experiment instead of having a teacher to help me out. The result ? well a "working" tournament handler.
Been wanting to learn php and mysql databases for a while and this class made me do it.
anyhoo whats done is in the past.

Next goal: Interpretator
For you non coders thats the step before a full compilation. When you writer something in c++ for instance you compile it and get a machine code. but with a interpretator you get the step before machine code. like java its easy to change in the fly but in the end its not as fast as a machine code program
but it has its uses for script language

anyhoo: to update about my animation project,
Been resketching the scenes and gotten a co voice actor, so things are finaly starting to happen.
Thinking of just keeping the information to need to know basis since well i think i might ruin the joike otherwise ^^ can at least post the first scene sketch next week
Need to find the scanner again ... where the hell did i put that ?
anyhoo to summerizethis madness: learning = good, sketches = started and im back

Well its been almost 3 years since i last submitted something, man that makes me feel old and realy useless ^-^ anyhoo, Ive been sketchin and writing down diffrent scenes and lines, to a new project that im going to start and hpefully release this year. alot of you who read this will most likely go " wtf, who is this nobody? " and well thats most likely a valid reaction since im not "NG famous" but i do encourage you to look at my last submission :P

hopefully i will deliver something similar in quality ^^ i mean old men gets rusty and so
ill Try and keep this here news thingy updated on the progress as i move along